Take Action for Resistance Summer: Week 4

Submitted by egreene on August 9, 2017

Earlier this summer, MoveOn.org launched the Resistance Summer, which was created to mobilize people around action and create tangible victories for environmental and social movements. We’re joining in with our Eight Weeks of Action series.

We want to harness the energy that people have for resistance this summer. Each week, we’ll give you seven actions you can take towards combating hate, protecting the environment, supporting green businesses, and holding corporations responsible. Some of these actions will be harder or more time consuming than others, but we think if you’re able to take action every day, or even a few days a week, you’ll know you’ve made an impact.

We’re moving forward, with or without Washington. Will you join us?

If you missed last week's steps, it's not too late to do them. Start with week 1 and week 2, or join in today!

Day 1Sign a petition:  Wheat is the top traded commodity worldwide—grown on more acreage than any other crop and is the main source of calories for 20 percent of the world’s population.  Biotechnology companies are in the process of developing varieties of herbicide-resistant GE wheat. Wheat growers are being told GE wheat is the golden ticket to greater yields and increased revenue. But this isn’t true. Herbicide-tolerant wheat would result in an  increased use of pesticides and fertilizers, which will result in the deterioration of soil health, loss of key pollinators, risks to human health, and water pollution. Join us in protecting the “final frontier” of our food supply, untouched by genetic engineering, by letting wheat growers and sellers know that you don’t want GE wheat!  

Day 2: Educate yourself on the facts on climate change and how to correct climate deniers when they share junk science. 

Day 3: Change or clean the filter in your air conditioner and carry out annual maintenance. It will help the unit be more energy efficient, which will save you money. It will also cool your space faster.  

Day 4:  “Vote with your dollars” for the kind of economy you want to see by shopping at small, local, independent and green businesses, instead of big-box chains with destructive practices. 

Day 5: Form a diversity book club and pick reads by authors with diverse perspectives. Local librarians and literature instructors are great resources for help with picking selections or leading discussions.

Day 6: Move your investments out of companies that do not have diverse management, an LGBTQ inclusivity policy, or that are participating in projects that harm communities or aren’t in line with your values. Our article, "Divestment: A Powerful Tool for Change" can help. 

Day 7: Write a thank you note to someone doing good in your community, or offer to take them out for coffee or tea. 

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