The Shareholder Activism Season is Here!

Submitted by aatkins on March 21, 2012

Calling all shareowners! Spring is the time when the majority of shareholder meetings are held and investors need to vote on key issues facing corporate management. As an investor in direct company stock, you are a part owner of the company and have the responsibility to vote on a wide range of issues facing the company(ies) in which you invest.

When your proxy ballot arrives in the mail – be sure to respond! Inside you may find the opportunity to vote on shareholder concerns you didn’t realize were being raised with the company. There may be votes on issues addressing the environment, worker safety, linking executive compensation to sustainability goals, home mortgage policies, recycling, and the corporation’s political contributions and lobbying – among other pressing issues.

An excellent resource for learning about the key shareholder resolutions this season is the 2012 ProxyPreview produced by As You Sow. This is a great compendium of the resolutions put forward, including background information, identification of the resolution filers, and explanations of the importance of the resolutions. It’s a must-read for both new investors and experienced proxy voters.

 If you own direct company stock. be sure to check-out the ProxyPreview and Green America’s new Shareholder Resolution Focus Lists in order to be an informed voter!

Our Lists highlight a select number of important resolutions in need of support in order to improve corporate policies and practices. The resolutions on our Lists begin facing votes in April – so view them now to see if we highlight companies in which you own stock.

Thank you for voting on the social, environmental, and corporate governance issues that Corporate America needs to address now – your vote is important!

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