It’s Summertime! (aka Popsicle time!)

Submitted by ameyer on June 24, 2015


Here in DC summer is already heating up! One of the best ways to get through a hot day, especially those filled with lots of fun and running around, is to have a nice ice-cold sweet frozen treat at the peak of the day’s heat. Most popsicles are filled with high fructose corn syrup and other additives and colorings. Coconut Bliss Bars are vegan and absolutely delicious. Plus, they don’t have any of that icky stuff in them. If you have some friends over or are just hanging around the house (you might not want to share something this yummy with anyone else!), a great option is to have a little toppings bar so that everyone can make their own sundae on a stick.

Coconut Bliss Bars Topped Your Way

* Use organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.


  • Coconut Bliss Bar (this company is 100% organic and the only non-dairy frozen dessert on the market!)
  • Fair Trade Chocolate
  • Sprinkles or nuts or any of your favorite toppings


First off, you need some Coconut Bliss Bars. The best ones to use for this recipe are the Strawberry Love Bars, Café Latte Bars, or Naked Coconut Bars. Melt a small portion of chocolate in a small bowl (to keep them vegan use dark chocolate), using either a double boiler or a microwave, make sure not to overcook it. Once the chocolate is melted open up a package of Coconut Bliss Bars (I would go with the Strawberry ones!). Lay the bar on either a piece of parchment or wax paper, this might get messy (but that’s part of the fun!). Use a spoon or fork to drizzle the bar with chocolate, then quickly sprinkle it with your favorite topping. Place the bar back in the freezer for a few minutes between topping each side. Then, enjoy!!

Now if this sounds like too much work and you just want a tasty treat now (we get it, it’s hot outside), Coconut Bliss has some great new bars (toppings already included): Salted Caramel in Chocolate, Coconut Almond in Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Bars. All delicious flavors (I’ve tasted them all!) and sure to keep you nice and cool this summer!


This post is sponsored by Coconut Bliss. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us. GMO Inside is a non-profit campaign and we are thankful for the brands that support our work to change the food system.

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