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Submitted by aatkins on February 13, 2013

We can make a US clean-energy economy a reality by refusing to invest in companies that are destroying our planet. Instead, we can shift our investment dollars into clean energy, and support public policies that move us away from fossil fuels.

Green America is proud to partner with on the national Go Fossil Free divestment campaign. The financial services companies below, members of our Green Business Network®, can help you divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in fossil-free options.

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Broad-based Mutual Funds That Exclude Fossil-Fuel Companies by Policy

Green Century Balanced Fund — This fund excludes fossil-fuel companies, and in 2009 became the first fund to release a carbon-footprint report of its holdings: 66 percent smaller than the S&P 500.

Portfolio 21 — Portfolio 21 pursues a company-wide strategy of screening out investments in fossil fuel companies. A searchable list of its holdings appears on its Web site.

Clean-energy-focused Fossil-Free Mutual Funds

Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund — While excluding fossil fuels, this fund also invests in clean energy and energy efficiency, pollution control, waste management, and water infrastructure.




  • First Affirmative Financial Network –With 25 years of experience serving Green America members with their social investing needs, First Affirmative and its nationwide network of 100 associated advisors can develop fossil-free portfolios using mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and individual securities as appropriate to your needs.
  • Natural Investments —
    Natural Investments launched a Fossil-Fuel-Free Portfolio in January 2013, which also excludes tobacco, alcohol, military contractors, firearms, gambling, and nuclear power, while specfically including clean technology and renewable energy.
  • Progressive Asset Management, Inc. 
    Since 1987 PAM Inc has been providing social screening to members of the PAM Group, the socially responsible division of Financial West Group.  Advisors in the PAM Group can create a fossil free portfolio utilizing stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs to meet the needs of any client.



The following asset management firms are able to assist higher-net-worth individuals in establishing customized fossil-free portfolios upon request. They may also help you shift the assets of your house of worship, university, or pension plan.

Boston Common Asset Management Pax World Funds
Calvert Asset Management The Sustainability Group
Clean Yield Asset Management Trillium Asset Management
Krull & Company Walden Asset Management
Legg Mason Investment Counsel Washington Square Capital Management
  Zevin Asset Management


Find out more from our Green American magazine.



*(All registered investment advisors and their representatives have an affirmative duty to act in the best interests of their clients, and the heirs, assigns and beneficiaries of those clients.  Aspects of fiduciary duty, particularly as relates to retirement plans regulated by the Department of Labor (DOL) under ERISA legislation, have not yet been fully defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), DOL or the courts as relates to securities screening decisions that may affect the risk and/or return of an investment portfolio.  When implementing fossil-free portfolios, advisors may provide additional disclosure information about risk, returns and other factors, and may request additional documentation from the client to support their investment recommendations.)

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