DON'T HAVE A COW: New Delicious Vegan Products Coming to a Store Near You

Submitted by greenamerica on September 30, 2014

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Editor's Note: We're extending the "Don't Have a Cow" blog series to this Thursday, Oct. 2nd, to incorporate a brand new 10-Day Local Food Challenge from Your Money or Your Life co-author Vicki Robin. Meanwhile, our  Food Campaigns Director Nicole McCann blogs her experience at the Natural Products Expo East 2014 below!  As a plant-based staff member at Green America, Natural Products Expo East 2014 in Baltimore, MD, was like all of the food-centric holidays in one enormous trade show: delicious and pleasantly overwhelming. I was there manning the GMO Inside booth and schmoozing with all of my favorite vegan food companies that I know and love, as well as discovering new ones. I found some exciting vegan and organic and/or Non-GMO Verified products for which you should be sure to keep an eye out. Some of these products are so new they are not even on their parent company’s websites! Here is a list of my top ten favorites:

  1. Thai Coconut Curry Hummus by Hope Foods (organic, Non-GMO Verified) ThaiCoconut-Hummus-main
  2. Cheese Louise Broccoli Poppers by Brad’s Raw Foods (organic, raw, Non-GMO Verified)IMG_3023
  3. Black Pepper Vegan Toona by Sophie’s Kitchen (Non-GMO Verified)img_3025
  4. O’Coconut by Nutiva (organic, Non-GMO Verified) o-coco
  5. Forbidden Rice Ramen by Lotus Foods (organic)organic_forbidden_rice_ramen
  6. Sea Salt Caramel Kandy Kale by Alive & Radiant (organic, raw) kandykrunch
  7. Ranch Revival Salad Dressing by RawFoodz (organic, raw) ranch_revival-285x4001
  8. Dandies Large Marshmallows by Chicago Vegan Foods (Non-GMO Verified) dandies-vegan-marshmallows
  9. Red Beet & Cabbage Sauerkraut Salad by Wildbrine (Non-GMO Verified) redbeetcabbagesauerkraut
  10. Acai Berry Sorbet by Sambazon (organic, Non-GMO Verified) sorbet_orig_lo_res
 Nicole McCann, Green America's Food Campaigns Director
Nicole McCann, Green America's Food Campaigns Director


 Nicole McCann, Green America's Food Campaigns Director

Happy eating! Nicole McCann Food Campaigns Director

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