August Interview with New Generation Energy

Submitted by greenamerica on August 15, 2010

Five years ago, Chuck Lewin had an epiphany that inspired him to launch New Generation Energy, a non-profit organization that finances green-energy projects through investment notes and donations. 


"In 2005, the crusty old man leaning into Benjamin Braddock's ear wouldn't be whispering 'plastics'," says Chuck Lewin, using a reference to The Graduate to illustrate the realization that led him to form New Generation Energy (NGE).

August Interview with New Generation Energy

"I happen to think that we are in the Golden Age of green energy right now," Lewin coninues. "In thirty years, I can pretty much promise you that renewable technologies will become the 'established' choice, and technologies like internal combustion engines will be headed for the museum.The green energy battles we are fighting right now are the big battles, and they are the important battles. I am looking forward to being part of it!"

So are we, and we hope you are too... read on to learn more about NGE, and how you can get involved.

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