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BlogNews (May 11, 2020) It's time to vote climate denier Lee Raymond off of JP Morgan Chase's board.
climate crisis, shareholder activism, JPMorgan Chase Bank
BlogNews (May 7, 2020) Is your business starting to consider sustainability in your practices? Do you want to appeal to the ever-growing mass of conscious consumers? With over 30 years of experience, the Green Business Network knows what it takes to be a truly green…
how to be a sustainable business series, green economy, sustainable business, green business, Green Business Network, green business trends, socially responsible, social impact
BlogNews (May 6, 2020) These businesses are showing what a green economy is all about in the midst of Covid 19.
green business, zero waste, sustainability, fair trade, community co-op
BlogNews (May 4, 2020) Empty shelves at the grocery store have inspired many shoppers to turn to gardening. But, some garden companies were caught off-guard by the surprise spike in interest for garden supplies and may be experiencing shortages as well. Whether you’re…
BlogNews (April 21, 2020) The victory gardening movement of the 1940s was a time for grassroots collective action—when households across the country grew incredible amounts of food. It was also a time when war was used to justify extreme xenophobia and oppression of non-…
Climate Victory Garden
BlogNews (April 17, 2020) By Beth Porter As COVID-19 has swept throughout the world, reports of high-profile cases have given rise to the concept that this virus does not discriminate. It can hit any person with force, from our friends and neighbors to politicians and…
environmental justice
BlogNews (April 16, 2020) Green America's Response to the Global Pandemic
COVID-19, renewable energy, environmental justice
BlogNews (April 14, 2020) Business leaders: sign on today to the statement lead by the American Sustainable Business Council, of which we are a member, calling on Congress to support small businesses.
COVID-19, Coronavirus, small business, Congress, American Sustainable Business Council
BlogNews (April 13, 2020) By guest blogger: Nicky Schauder of Permaculture Gardens. Permaculture Gardens is a Green Business Network member. Sustainability has not always been at the forefront of people's minds. But in the past decade, we have seen an increasing awareness…
permaculture, Green Business Network, sustainability, climate change, organic, gardening
BlogNews (April 9, 2020) Green America’s Cool It campaign tackles potent, dangerous greenhouse gases called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) that are used for refrigerants and that are exacerbating the climate crisis.
climate, climate change, refrigerants, HFCs, Cool It
BlogNews (April 6, 2020) We asked our members what they're doing to stay busy, healthy, and sane at home. Here's what they said.
BlogNews (March 31, 2020) Since 2012, Green America's People and Planet Award has recognized outstanding small businesses with deep commitments to social justice and environmental sustainability. This project has been made possible thanks to a special donor committed to…
sustainable food, People and Planet Award, green business, Green Business Network
BlogNews (March 27, 2020) The Environmental Protection Agency has suspended its job of protecting the environment.   On Thursday, the agency issued a memo essentially giving companies a pass on polluting, stating that it will not “seek penalties for noncompliance with…
BlogNews (March 25, 2020) Learn the hazards of flushing wipes and how you can help.
flushable wipes
BlogNews (March 12, 2020) There is increasing focus on how consideration of gender- the role of women in investing– relates to financial portfolios and to investments that benefit women and girls.
investing in women
BlogNews (March 10, 2020) Green businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for its customers, employees, communities, and planet. But just because a business claims it is “green” doesn’t mean it upholds the standards of social…
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BlogNews (March 3, 2020) Green America is pleased to announce that at our first board meeting of 2020 in April we will welcome five newly elected board members.
Green America
BlogNews (February 26, 2020) It’s officially been one year since Verizon issued a $1 billion green bond to, in part, help the company reach its goal of 50 percent clean energy by 2025. In 2019, its major competitors announced new clean energy projects, shifting their networks…
Verizon, clean energy, fossil fuels
BlogNews (February 26, 2020) Pipeline Incidents from 2017-2020
BlogNews (February 20, 2020) Clothing supply chains – from field to factory to store -- can be long, complex, and often seemingly opaque, and even in cases where brands promote their transparency or sustainability, they often fall short in sharing enough information with…
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